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Recent Show News:

** Quattro and Daniel will be representing Bolivia at this years World Equestrian Games, held in Tryon, NC. The show jumping action kicks off Sept. 19th! **

Tryon Spring 4:

*Quilona VZ - 2nd in the FEI $35,000 Sunday Classic, 6th in the FEI $35,000 power and speed.  

*Caylee PCH and Monica Hanks - Champion High Adult Jumpers

*Gabli - Reserve Champion High Performance Conformation Hunter

*El Cerrito and Nicole Saathoff - 6th in the Medium Jr/Am Classic

Tryon Spring 5:

*Quilona VZ - 3rd FEI Power and Speed, 4th FEI $35,000 Sunday Classic

*Abracadabra WKT - 3rd FEI 1.40m Speed

*Vicomte Briel and Jessica Bell - 5th Low Junior Classic

*Caylee PCH and Monica - Champion 1.15m Jumpers

Tryon Spring 6:

*Gabli - 3rd $25,000 International Hunter Derby

*Caylee PCH and Monica - 3rd Low AO Classic

*Cayman and Jaqueline Ward - 7th $10,000 High AO Classic

Tryon Summer 3:

*Abracadabra WKT - 1st FEI $35,000 1.45 Welcome

*Quilona VZ - 7th FEI $35,000 Sunday Classic

Tryon Summer 4:

*Gabli - 7th $50,000 International Hunter Derby

Kentucky Summer 1:

*Gabli - 7th National Derby

*Show Down and Sandra Ward - Reserve Champion Long Stirrup Hunter, Champion Long Stirrup Hunter

*Donnafee and Abby Evans - 4th Medium AO Classic

*Ragtime's Belissima and LoreAnna Andrepont - great rounds and ribbons in the Pre Adult Hunters

Bluegrass Festival:

*Caylee PCH and Monica - 3rd Low AO Classic, 6th place Medium AO

*Cyrus and Abby Evans -9th Medium AO Classic

*Quattro - 9th $40,0000 Bluegrass Grand Prix